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First off, I must admit, I am officially addicted to Pinterest. Why didn’t I think of something so awesome! I mean it is brilliant! With that said, I have been on the look out for several DIY projects. Can you tell I’ve been feeling crafty? My friend Katie shared a DIY canvas project which looked super easy. I have been wanting to give it a shot. So, I ran to Hobby Lobby today and bought ‘The Supplies’.

1. Mod Podge (you can use matte or glossy finish)
2. Acrylic Paint
3. Brush
4. Canvas (the same size of the image you are going to use)
5. Scrapbook Paper
6. Wax Paper (I used this for my work space)
7. Scissors

Using the scrapbook paper of your choice, cut into strips just a tad smaller then the size of your canvas. This will cover up the staples.

I then poured the Mod Podge onto a plate (yes I grabbed one from the kids) 🙂

Next, dab your brush into the Mod Podge, and gently paint the pieces of your scrapbook paper onto the canvas.

Then, place your desired image onto the canvas. Gently paint over the image with the Mod Podge. Don’t worry, if it looks milky like this, you are doing it right!

I then mixed these three Acrylic paints. Feel free to use only one. This will be used for your edges and border of your photo.

Almost finished…

Finished! Very simple, fast, and fun. This was my very first shot at it. Not perfect, but the idea is great. I plan on doing an 11×14 canvas of my kiddos next!

Hope you found this useful. Now you try!



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